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IT Solution
Check Up (ระบบตรวจสุขภาพ)
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Operation System Window2000/XP(Pro)  
Database MS Access(Default), N/A  
Plat From ASP on Web Application  
Business Fuction Barcode System ( no fix )  
  Add/Edit/Delete Product  
  Set price more 1 price  
  Confirm product by username  
  Discount price for sale  
  Suppiler Database  
  Customer Database  
  Increase Stock  
  Decrease Stock  
  Adjust Stock  
  Username Login Authorize control  
  Support Cash/Credit/Credit Card  
Report Report Summary for Sale (15 Report) (N/A) Include cost
Hardware Support Support Cash Drawer , Epson TMU  
Inport/Export Data Support Export file to Excel or text file (txt,csv)  
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